Spotted by locals

Deligreco – I have been waiting for this my whole adult life!

Deligreco - spotted by locals

Ever since my many childhood summer holidays in Greece, I have been craving the famous gyros. Now I can finally treat myself to the original quality gyros taste, exactly as I remember it. The best tzatziki made with dill, fresh tasty tomatoes, onions and home-marinated pork as tender as butter. On top of that, the bread is sooo delicious!

The original Greek restaurant, Deligreco was previous on my list of favorite spots, but I took it off, only because I never really had the time to visit, though the general food experience here is always good.

But now they are forcing me back and I can’t resist!! Deligreco is now open for street food Gyros every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

My girlfriend and I ran out the door and ordered two gyros for lunch. Memories from our previous visits made us happy and the spring sun was out for good. So we sat outside at the blue tables and waited for our treat.

We were actually the first customers ordering gyros, as this was their opening day, so we got free retsina bubbles (something I’ve never had before) and a nice chat with the woman there.

First bite and I was hooked. Count me in as a regular again!

P.S. Opening hours is only for the gyros. See their full opening hours on their facebook page if you want the whole Greek experience – It’s worth it.

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May 15th, 2017 | By: Stefan Hedegaard