6 plates 230,- pr person
 8 plates 285,- pr person
10 plates 335,- pr person

Grøn salat, spicy yogurt sauce, halloumi ost, hvidløgscroutoner
Green salad with spicy yogurt sauce, halloumi cheese and garlic croutons

Avocado, krebsekød, soltørrede tomater
Avocado and crab napoleon with sun dried tomatoes

Marinerede laks, couscous, ouzo, dild
Marinated salmon, couscous, ouzo flavour and dill

Cherrytomater, feta mousse, kapers, rugbrødscroutoner
Cherry tomatoes, feta mousse, capers and rye bread croutons

Sødkartoffel, røget paprika, chiliolie, koriander
Baked sweet potato with smoked paprika, chili oil, and coriander

Pastinak, gurkemeje, feta, sesamdressing
Parsnips with turmeric, feta and sesame dressing

Hvidløgskartoffelmos, tahinsauce
Garlic mashed potatoes with tahini sauce

Doughnut med ost, tomatkompot, forårsløg, birkes
Cheese filled doughnut with tomato jam, spring onion and poppy seeds

Stegte babykartofler, æg, sort trøffel
Fried baby potatoes with garlic, rosemary, feta and truffle oil

Theos grillet blæksprutte citrongéle urtepesto
Theo’s grilled calamari with lemon gel and herb pesto

Dampede blåmuslinger, mastik, frisk chili, timian
Steamed mussels, mastic, fresh chili and thyme

Spicy kylling, svampeconsommé, macaddamianødder
Spicy chicken with mushroom consommé and macadamia

Oksepølse, tomat, rød og grøn pebersauce, brød
Beef sausage, in tomato, red, and green pepper sauce with bread

Braiseret grisekød, chili, laurbærblade, appelsin
Braised pork with chilies, bay leaves and orange

Lam, gulerødder, kantereller, rødvin, selleri
Lamb with carrots, chanterelles, red wine and celery

Great sharing plates that allow you to taste the best that the Mediterranean and Nordics have to offer.