We serve delicious dishes for sharing at the table, family style. That’s a part of setting the cosy, informal atmosphere, we are aiming for at Deligreco.


6 dishes for sharing at the table
DKK 295 per person

Extra hungry

8 dishes for sharing at the table
DKK 370 per person

Examples of dishes

  • Marinated sardines with toasted bread and garlic confit
  • Hummus of mungo beans, green olives and dill
  • Creamy FETA, extra virgin olive oil from kalamata
  • Smoked mackerel, celeriac, fish egg mousse, trout caviar
  • Garlicky shrimps, gazpacho with strawberries, avocado cream
  • Grilled goat cheese, broccoli salad, tomato vinaigrette, almonds
  • Calamari with thai basil, fava lentils, lemon confit
  • Risotto barley, spinach pesto, chervil, graviera cheese
  • Poached cod fillet, langoustine bisque, cauliflower
  • Mint meatballs, green salsa, padron peppers and yogurt
  • Lamb shank cooked with white wine, tomatoes and green beans
    +50 kr per person

Add snacks

Sourdough bread: DKK 35

Tarragon tzatziki: DKK 40

Glutenfree cracker bread: DKK 25


Manoura and Arseniko cheese: DKK 50
Milk semifreddo, chocolate and strawberries: DKK 75

Menu Deligreco
Menu deligreco